Apr 172014

Based on my latest blog post I had an interesting discussion with someone. She felt that the word “energy” had many more meanings than just the physics one and that it made perfect sense to use it as such.

But why choose when you can have both?!?

But why choose when you can have both?!?

Thinking about this I came to how much power words really have. If we want to convey anything that is beyond the most basic emotions (which can be done using only body language / tone of voice), we have to resort to words. And while a well-known bit of statistics says that only 7% of the meaning of a conversation is in the actual words that are used (again, body language and tone of voice make up the rest) I’m willing to postulate however that our world would be completely different had we not had that 7%. Ideas are shared, shaped, challenged, built upon, using words. Without words inventions would only be possible by showing. Which works quite well once something is finished, but not so well if you’re still in the formative stages. Imagine a world without inventions…

On the other hand, words can be incredibly limiting as well. A few years back the word “career” would have called up images of slowly working myself up through my nine-to-five job, getting promoted and then getting promoted again (until you reach a level that is just slightly above what you are actually able to handle). It took a long time for me to realize that “career” could also include starting something for myself, being my own boss and biting off larger and larger pieces (until I bite off slightly more than you I chew…). Of course it wasn’t only the meaning of the word, but it sure contributed!

Don’t believe words are powerful? Try telling a random stranger you think they’re cute…
Words have power. They can communicate meaning or they can communicate misunderstanding. They shape our thoughts and the world around us.

I guess there is some truth to the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

But if you bring a pen while your opponent brings a sword, you’re still on the losing (meaning the pointy) end.

Having altered your mind enough with my penmanship, I will leave you to your own thoughts…

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Apr 132014

I’m not overly fond of the word “energy”. I have nothing against it per-se, it’s just that it gets used and abused for just about anything. Mostly spiritual things that have nothing to do with science. The internationally recognized unit of measure of energy is the joule (though calories, ergs, kilowatt hours and British Thermal [...]