Feb 252015

I like adventures. In books, movies but also in real life.

Arrrrr! There be adventure ye way!

Arrrrr! There be adventure ye way!

One of my dreams still is to board a ship and set sail for the seven seas, fighting off pirates, discovering treasure, meeting the locals (especially if they’re particularly pretty!).

Somehow however this seems less romantic in a modern day setting, where the pirates have machine guns, the treasure would be an oil-spill and the locals know better what’s on MTV than I do (they might still be pretty though!).

Actually, I’m not sure that this kind of adventure was actually that romantic when the pirates still had sabres and treasure was measured in doubloons; chances of dying were high (higher than now?), and death really would be a downer for any adventure…

In the back of my head I always knew this: Adventures are only good when looking back; while you’re in the middle of them you’re most probably scared to death and wishing you were home.

On the other hand, perhaps that is only one extreme form of adventure. Perhaps they needn’t be life-threatening to count… I remember taking off to South America for multiple months, which most certainly feels like a big adventure (no pirates, but definitely pretty girls!)! And even my first steps as an entrepreneur were an adventure. Again, no pirates, but it certainly was a road of discovery and learning.

Which perhaps brings us closer to the heart of what an adventure is. Maybe there should be pirates, though metaphorical, in the form of some sort of adversity, is sufficient. The treasure is whatever you take away, the skills and lessons learned, perhaps even the doubloons gained while overcoming the obstacles. And the locals are the people you meet on your way, who help or hinder you, the teachers who show the way, the merchants selling you your adventuring gear (because at some point you’re going to need a new pair of socks) and the random strangers you meet in the tavern (whether they are pretty or not).

An adventure is any time you step out of your comfort zone. There will be pirates, but there will be treasure as well.

In this sense I most definitely can say that I’m an adventurer!

How about you?

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