Oct 312014

”He walked into the room and her heart skipped a beat. Wordlessly he walked up to her and it felt as though his dark eyes pierced to the depths of her soul. Strong yet oh so gentle hands closed behind her back and she felt herself pressed against his broad chest. She closed her eyes, lost in the moment, lost for eternity when their lips met. She had kissed before, but it felt as though those had only been play, the little girl pretending to be a princess with the little boy as her knight. This was different…”

Muscled stranger, check. Fair maiden, check. Random and unimportant plot-twists, check. Unimaginative cover, check...

Muscled stranger, check. Fair maiden, check. Random and unimportant plot-twists, check. Unimaginative cover, check…

I’m not particularly well known when it comes to unashamed romance novels (a.k.a. porn for women). Luckily I have friends (ok, one) who know much more about them then I do. She was able to tell me that your average romance novel emphasizes three things: The woman heroine is beautiful but doesn’t know it. The man is silent and thus mysterious. The love between them is different.

The first so that a woman reading the book can identify with the heroine. The second so that she can portray her husband in the role of the charming stranger (most men are much more silent compared to women; how better to make that appealing than by making it mysterious?). And finally things have to be different, because your average housewife reading the literary equivalent of the McDonalds hamburger leads an all too predictable life.

But then, life is different when you’re in love, as I’ve been discovering very recently.

“Seduced by an angel”, “The maverick and the maiden”, A case for romance”, “Savage dreams”, “Prince of dreams”, “His wicked dream”, “More than a dream”. If those aren’t enough to melt any heart…?
The world has lost some of its beauty; where normally my head would turn at every beautiful woman, I find myself comparing and left feeling un-charmed. The world has gained beauty; sights made more spectacular for being shared (it’s amazing that that even works for the unadorned walls of your own bedroom…). I’m sleep-deprived but at the same bounce through life on a bubble of energy.

It’s easy now. I’m in love. But having been through the mill of love ample times, I know that those feelings don’t last forever. But I do believe that it is possible to keep those feelings for a long time. Especially with some help from romance novels:

  • She is beautiful (charming, funny, smart, sweet), be the one that sees that
  • It’s ok to be silent. As long as you continue to create a bit of mystery
  • Do something different with some regularity. Yes it takes energy, but it gives it back many times over

Happy loving (and reading!)!

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