Jan 212015

Recently I read something interesting on leading a happy life.  The idea is that to be happy you need to have both pleasure and purpose in your life. 


Beautiful sights definitely are easiest to come by far away...

This resonated with me quite soundly, and being on my way back from a great vacation, the pleasure part has adequately been taken care of (I’m so happy to be heading back to my 9-to-5 existence…).

Pleasure (like a good vacation) for me consists of a number of things:

  • Good food
  • Being active (hiking, sports)
  • Companionship (spending time with friends, loved ones)
  • Experiencing something new (new food, different cultures, trying a new activity)
  • Sex (no need to explain I would hope)
  • Rest (afternoon naps, reading a book, lying by the sea / pool)
  • Beauty (beautiful sights, scarcely clad women, impressive paintings)

Being on vacation definitely makes it easier to indulge in the above, but all of them are possible to get a healthy dose of in every day life as well (though the boss might frown upon afternoon naps and scantily clad women might be hard to find in wintry London as well).

Vacation is great, but that is definitely in part because it’s a change from something else; eternal leisure would start to chafe at some point…
Reading back through the list above I feel that “being active” could use a boost in my daily life; on vacation there is time for everything, but with work getting in the way so much, the rest of the time we need to prioritize more. Still, it might be worthwhile to sacrifice a bit of rest (internet surfing) for that one and awhile.

What is on your list of pleasures? And are you happy with the balance between the different items?

Jan 122015

The world is a big place. That might seem really obvious, but never does it become more so than when you’re actually taking through it. Say, by sitting on a ramshackle bus going from one cute, quaint and unpronounceable Thai town to another… The first thing you learn when traveling is that other places don’t […]

Jan 112015
Why this blog?

It is hard to imagine that the first blog post I wrote (on a different incarnation of this blog) was in September 2010. Four entire years, plus a few months, I’ve been typing away. I strongly believe that people get something out of what they do, thus so must I, I’d think. When I started […]