Sep 172014

In my life I’ve twice bribed someone.

A re-allocation of funds to speed up the processing of important yet bothersome paperwork...

A re-allocation of funds to speed up the processing of important yet bothersome paperwork…

The first time was in a train from Germany to Prague. We were dirt poor students, enjoying a well-deserved vacation to Eastern Europe. We knew that we could buy a ticket on the international train, so when the appropriate people stopped by we eagerly asked them to sell us a ticket. “Later, later” was the reply. This happened another 2 times, until we were almost in Prague. Then they came in and in our best combination of English, German and Check they explained us that we could get a ticket – normal price, or we could not get a ticket – half price.

Young, naive and not the brightest knives in the book, it took us a while before we figured out that they wanted a bribe.

Of course we would happily travel with the half-price-no-ticket deal they were so kindly offering (more for the novelty value than the money really (though being dirt-poor students the money was nice as well…)).

I said that the first room was bad. I was lying, it was horrific! There were already 6 people living in the 3 person flat, more mold than clean walls and the room wasn’t big enough to turn around in. When politely asked by the agent who had shown it to me I equally politely said that I would not be taking it. She then told me that this was her second day on the job and that she was so ashamed of this that she was going to quit as of immediately!

The day before yesterday I again bribed someone. As I wrote I’ve been in a bit of stress over where I’ll be staying for the next few months. Then on Monday I did three viewings. The first was bad, the second great(!) and the third ok. The second obviously had to think about it, as they weren’t in any hurry. The third was happy to give me the room then-and-there. “Let me sleep on it?” Was my somewhat lame answer.

And here I was in a conundrum. The second room was what I wanted, larger, better location, very nice people. The third was ok, not very convenient, small, hot.

So I did what any self-respecting person would have done… I made it worth their while. I sent a message, saying that if they could speed up their decision making process (in my favor) I’d happily pay a bit extra…

Then they slept on it, but in the morning gave me the final verdict: The room was mine! Woohoo!

So, the universe does provide. But sometimes you’ve got to grease the cogs a little bit…

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