Jul 032016

So do we go forward or turn around?

So do we go forward or turn around?

Half a year ago I officially quit my last assignment at a big London bank. I had been developing risk models, which though not bad, didn’t fill my heart with joy.

Six months I’ve spent, delving into the world of board-games.

Initially I had thought to do something in the digital domain: Board-games that included augmented reality, or a platform which could be used to play / develop games on. Unfortunately I’m not a software developer, meaning I’d either have to learn that trade, or hire people to create the actual product (whatever that might’ve been). The risk seemed too high in either case and I stepped away from that.

Instead I dove into what was initially a side-project: Developing my own (physical) board-game. Plus learning about everything that went with trying to make any money off of that.

I’m picking up bits about marketing, sales, production, business, next to the “technical” part on how you actually go about designing an interesting game.

The last half year I’ve learned more about more different subjects then I did in the years before that.

Unfortunately, one of the things I learned was that actually making a living off of designing board-games is very hard indeed. It’s not that big a market and there are a lot of people who hope they have the next Monopoly or Catan.

It’s been a long time since I wrote for this blog, mostly because my attention has been at everything else I’ve been doing. I do still regularly write though, so if you’re interested in board-game design, take a look at: Make Them Play
I don’t see a reason why the game I’m developing would be a failure. But I’m realistic enough as well to know that it’s extremely unlikely it’s going to be a big hit. Which means that I might get a bit of money out of it, but nothing close to a decent yearly salary.

At the beginning of 2016 I gave myself a year. A year to try, to learn, to fail. And if I didn’t do the latter, perhaps to continue on the road taken afterwards.

I haven’t failed. But I certainly haven’t succeeded yet either.

On the one hand, I learned so much in the first half year, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the second will bring an equal amount.

On the other, all the learning in the world doesn’t put bread on the table, unless you are able to turn it into something people are willing to pay for.

I wouldn’t mind if at the end of the year I have to look back with a smile, admire what I tried, but admit that it didn’t work out. That it wasn’t sustainable.

What I would mind is going back to what I did before. To working 9-5, for a company I didn’t care overly much for. And that is what might happen if it doesn’t work out what I’m trying now.

The year is half gone. The year is half left.

At this point I don’t know from which side to look at it.

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