Oct 212014

What is more addictive than cocaine? What gives a worse hangover than cheap whiskey? What is the subject of just about every song, book and movie ever sung, written, directed? What costs a fortune yet leaves you empty-handed? What takes more brainpower than putting a man on the moon, but results in no more than scribbled hearts on a napkin?

All is fair in love and war. Which makes no sense at all! Who would use tanks or gunships in their lovemaking?!?

All is fair in love and war. Which makes no sense at all! Who would use tanks or gunships in their lovemaking?!?


It’s nature’s way of making sure that we stick around after procreating, as well as the reason for the most famous war in history (the Trojan one, in case you were wondering).

Why this sudden interest in it, you might ask?

Well, there was this girl… Who seemed just a bit more interesting than the rest of them. And it seems that she felt the same way about me…

This blog however is not a cheap romance novel (it’s free after all), so I won’t bother you with how “his eyes met hers and her heart skipped a beat. She stood as though nailed to the floor, her breath becoming quick and shallow. Just a a few paces away, but he might have well have been on the other side of the world…” I’ll just skip to the end of it: They (we!) got together. Which is where in general the book (or movie) stops. And where real life begins.

Though very much enjoyable, being in love makes it so much harder to keep up a reasonable writing schedule. Sorry for not posting for a while!
And really, this isn’t a story for a book (let alone a movie). There was no seemingly insurmountable difference in background that did get surmounted, no being-forced-to-spend-time-together-even-though-we-seem-to-hate-each-other’s-guts that turned into true love.

There was attraction, plain and simple. There was shared laughter (and Prosecco). Backgrounds were different, but outlook in life very similar. There was little to be surmounted, perhaps only the tiniest bit of shyness and some logistical problems (date two was a two-hour train-ride away).

Life isn’t a movie. Love doesn’t work like in a love song. It is something far more real!

So if you need me, I’ll be enjoying reality.

Bastiaan ReininkI’m Bastiaan. This blog is meant to give you some insight into the things I run into and perhaps to inspire you to go in search of your own life extraordinaire.

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Oct 112014
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